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Blog changing


I run this blog on a free platform, it is going to be full and I'll be soon unable to use it any more. I spent most of my time to port the blog on a new PAAS this week. I continue with the same blog engine (dotclear), to maintain the architecture and the URLs. It's very important to keep my google rank!
I should be able to release it in september, when all bugs are fixed.

One important thing happened this week: the ASEAN countries released a draft of ASEAN Medical Device Directive (AMDD), see here . This is a bit like the CE medical devices directive, with one set of regulations for many countries.
It gives me the opportunity to introduce the concept: Develop once, Certify anywhere
It means that, with the convergence of regulations, one set of documents is enough to create a technical file submitted in many countries. For example, data submitted to the EU authorities would be also submitted to the ASEAN member countries.
I'll post more details on this concept later on.

Post edited August 29th 2012:
Here is the new blog platform!
No big changes for you, only a new layout.
I let it run for one week in beta test to see if everything's ok.
The previous blog is still active, for backup: EDIT previous blog platform link removed, blog closed.

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