After Open-DO, a set of tools to manage critical software, here is another tool to manage software development project. Endeavour Agile ALM is an Open-Source solution for Agile project and resource management.
Agile doesn't mean zero management. There are a lot of cool tools proposed by agile methods to manage projects. Most of them make an extensive use of postcards / paperboard / blackboard / whiteboard. But tools on a computer can be cool too, if they are well designed!
I don't think that Endeavour Agile ALM can replace a dashboard that gives the current state of the project. But it can automatize a lot of tiny artifacts that are not worth writing on the dashboard. A tool like Endeavour Agile ALM allows to manage more precisely a software development project and, at the end, should enhance the productivity of the software development team.

From the point of view of software in medical devices, such a tool allows to manage use cases (specifications), tests plan, change requests, defects, and the documentation. Using this tool is a good way to manage agile projects, with regulation constraints like IEC 62304.

Endeavour Agile ALM is on SourceForge.