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Wearable sensors: gadgets or useful medical devices?

Innovations in the field of medical devices are highly influenced by technologies like nano-sensors, bio-MEMS, and mobile platforms.
In this kind of devices, wearable sensors are emerging as the next must-have. Wearable sensors are tiny gadgets that you have permanently with you, hidden in your clothes or in a piece of jewelry. They monitor vital (or non-vital) signs like arterial pulse and transmit data to local computers or remote platforms. Data are analyzed on the receiver to control anything you want: high blood pressure...
Early adopters of such devices will surely be geeks or techno-victims, but we can bet in a few years everybody will have at least one.

A good example is the Shine by Misfits Wearables. It's a concentrate of technology that monitors body parameters and communicates with your smartphone. And it's a deliberately nice object!
For me it's also a concentrate of all buzzwords heard in innovative medical devices!

We don't know yet wether such objects will become truly useful medical devices or will remain gadgets. Wether they will change or not our habits, like smartphones did. That's the role of the market (doctors and the public) to say so.


1. On Wednesday 13 March 2013, 14:31 by Malentendant

Sympa le Shine de Misfits.
Ont ils vraiment besoin de le classer en medical device. A moins de viser l'hospitalisation à domicile.

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